Project Overview

The Port Access Road is a new roadway and structure design-build project to provide direct access between the proposed marine container terminal location on the former Navy base and I-26 while maintaining adequate service for local, commuter, and commercial traffic. Included in the project's purpose is the intent to safely integrate container terminal traffic with existing traffic, support local and regional planning policies and strategies, and minimize adverse impacts on communities and the environment. Project scope consists of the construction of a new fully-directional interchange on I‑26, a Bainbridge Connector Road, the extension of Stromboli Avenue, and associated roadway improvements to surface streets to serve the proposed Naval Base Terminal in Charleston County, South Carolina.

Construction Milestones - July 2019 to July 2020


  • Interchange bridge substructure and superstructure elements (columns, caps, abutments)
  • Interchange girder erection (Ramps A, B, D)
  • Interchange concrete deck placement (Ramps A, B, C, D, G)
  • Interchange ramp concrete paving (Ramps A, B, C, D, G, H)
  • Mainline bridge substructure and superstructure elements (columns, caps, abutments)
  • Mainline girder erection
  • Mainline concrete deck placement to the end of the project limits
  • Compted Bainbridge Connector bridge and roadway paving


  • Interchange fine grading, shoulder paving, barrier wall
  • Concrete grooving, steel girder painting, sign installation
  • Mainline barrier wall, deck grooving, sign installation


  • Spruill Avenue drainage, curb and gutter, paving
  • Stromboli Avenue grading, drainage, curb and gutter, paving
  • Stromboli Avenue Extension grading, ground improvements, embankment
  • All bridge work, paving, etc.

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    Route Map

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